For many, the kitchen is the heart of your home, playing host to some amazing family memories. It’s an important space which is why a good decluttering of the kitchen is always a good idea. Here are our top tips to organize your kitchen:

Toss it out.

First and foremost, an organized kitchen is a decluttered kitchen which means it’s time to get rid of any items that are too old for use or that are simply unnecessary. For example, do you really need 7 muffin pans, that rusty cookie sheet or those 5 plastic lids that have no matching containers?

Use a pocket organizer.

A pocket organizer is a great way to store all of the cleaning supplies that end up mangled together under your sink. Simply place the pocket organizer on the inside of the cabinet door and you’ll double the open space under sink.

Pro tip: you can also place one on the inside of your pantry drawer to store items like rubber bands, zip ties, small snack items or drink mixes like Kool Aid.

Use pan dividers.

Pan dividers make stacking pans easy and can typically be found at your local home goods store or online. They’re a great way to keep from having to remove everyone pan just to get to the one you want.

Pro tip: use a wooden peg rack to stack any corresponding lids.

Pay attention to your drawer space.

Like many, you may simply toss your kitchen utensils in a drawer only to leave yourself scrambling through the drawer the next day to try to find the proper utensil for your task. Instead of piling all of your utensils in one or two drawers, use drawer organizers to keep utensils in a designated space.

Pro tip: take larger utensils like ladles out of a drawer altogether and instead, use suction cup hooks to hang them beside your stove.

Group and store similar items together.

Keeping similar objects in one area makes things organized and logistically better. For example, keep all bakeware in one section of your kitchen and keep everyday items like utensils, cups and plates in another section of your kitchen. It’s all about functionality!

Befriend a Lazy Susan (or a few).

Lazy Susan’s are great for organizing spices or canned goods in your pantry, allowing you to see all of your items without having to rummage through everything. Not to mention, it makes everything look neater too!


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