Remember the days where you would always bring something to your new neighbors house? After politely giving them enough time to settle in, of course. While the days of the brownies or casserole gestures may be in the past, there are still ways to put yourself out there and meet your new neighbors. Reacclimating is hard, no matter who you are. Boxes aside, we’re here to provide any and all of the moving help to ensure an easy transition into your new home this summer.

Knock, Knock
You have a LOT going on while you’re moving. Once you’re feeling a little settled, don’t be afraid to go knock on your neighbors doors! More likely than not, they’re wanting to introduce themselves to you too. People are just so afraid of seeming intrusive these days that we sometimes forget to make personal connections. Best to do it initially than to let time pass without ever saying hello. 

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Digital Introduction
Download a free community app and create a profile such as Nextdoor, a private social network that keeps you informed about everything going on in your neighborhood. This is also a great way to inquire about services such as babysitters, receive notifications if there’s been a break-in or hear about an upcoming block party. As soon as you create your profile, people will instantly send you a friendly “welcome to the neighborhood!” 

Set a Playdate
You certainly want your children to adapt to their new neighborhood and most likely, your neighbors are looking for their kids to love where they live too. Kids are the best because they don’t second guess their actions. If your neighbors have children around the same age and you see them in the front yard- invite them over for a playdate sometime! This will allow your children to make new friends in a safe environment and hopefully give you some enjoyable adult bonding time as well. 

Garage Sale This Way
There is absolutely no better time to get rid of all the things you don’t need than while you’re moving. While you’re unpacking, set all of your unwanted items aside for your garage sale. As you meet some of your neighbors, see if they would also be interested in doing a clean sweep of their own and joining in on the effort! This could be a great way to get to know eachother better and perhaps they would be able to make the introduction to the people you have not yet met.

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Open Invitation
You’ll likely have your friends over for a housewarming party, right? This is the perfect opportunity to casually invite some of your neighbors. You’ll feel more comfortable with your friends there to help you mix and mingle. They’ll likely return the invitation they next time they have a party!

Feeling at ease in your new community will ease your transition into your new home. Why not give yourself time to focus on the important things and leave the heavy lifting to us? For any other moving services, rely on your neighborhood UNITS.

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