Now that the heat has rolled in for good and the summer sun is starting to shine through the clouds, you’ll be wanted to spend more time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. But is your backyard ready to be the BBQ capital of your neighborhood? Here are tips for how to easily upgrade your backyard into a summertime oasis.

Upgrade Your Fabric

Simply buying new cushions for outdoor furniture or adding a couple of benches or outdoor pillows made of weather-resistant fabric can give your outdoor entertaining space a quick and easy facelift.

Create Shade to Escape the Heat

Whether you use an old shower curtain, an IKEA curtain set, or get a professional sun shade installed, it’s important that you have some shade in your backyard so you can beat the heat.

Make a Bucket Table for Storage & Function

Get a wide metal bucket and round slab of wood for a DIY table that can be transported easily throughout your backyard. It also doubles as storage for items you’ll need outside but down want to leave in the sun (think bug spray, sun screen, etc).

Set The Mood With String Lights

You can buy outdoor string lights on Amazon or at Walmart and hang them from trees, from the house, or around your outdoor entertaining space to create a fun atmosphere without spending a lot of money.

Make an Easily-Maintained Garden

Rather than digging a huge dirt patch for a garden, consider buying large planter pots and placing them in the ground for easy landscaping. This is especially helpful if you’re planting vegetables or flowers that need a lot of room to grow!  

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