Warmer temps are on the way and sunny days are almost upon us. Start fresh this season with these tips for prepping your home for spring.

Update decor.

If you changed out your decor for the winter with burlap pillows or dark shades, be diligent and change them out again for spring. Decor should be kept colorful with light blues, pinks and yellows.

Change out candles.

Those winter scented candles like vanilla bean or cinnamon should be changed out for spring. If your home still smells like winter, it’s hard to feel the momentum brought along when a new season arrives.

Pro tip: flower scented candles are a great way to bring spring into your home.

Switch out linens.

When updating your decor, you’ll also want to switch out linens. Remember to keep it light in regards to color and thickness.

Pro tip: before putting the new linens on your bed, let them sit outside to soak in the fresh spring air smell. You can also let your rugs or pillows rest outside as well.

Keep those pesky pests under control.

Not only are you and your family ready to head outdoors to play, the pests are too. Using pest control sprays from your local hardware store will make your time outside more enjoyable. It will also help keep pests away from your fresh garden blooms.

Ensure your outdoor lighting works.

Spring weather calls for nice nights spent on the patio and outdoor parties that bring everyone together. Proper outdoor lighting will ensure the party doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down and that family night can spill into the yard even when it gets dark.

Pro tip: solar lighting is a great way to save energy while still providing sufficient lighting for your yard.

Put patio furniture out.

Once your backyard is properly lit, move all of your stored patio furniture back out. After a wiping the furniture down, refresh any chipped paint or faded spots with outdoor furniture paint.

Pro tip: invest in new cushions or pillows to bring your patio furniture back to life!

moving and portable storage

Invest in storage for all of your winter clothing, shoes, decor and bedding.

Spring emanates the notion of being fresh and lively, but getting fully into the spring spirit is a little hard when winter items clutter your home. With UNITS portable storage, you can safely store all of your seasonal items and create much needed space in your home.

Learn more about all of your storage options by contacting UNITS at (855)981-8649.

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