The winter months are typically considered the off-season for moving and in most cases, deciding to move during this season will ensure more available dates with the moving company. Moving during the winter months also helps to ensure that your new home will be fully settled when the crazy activity of the summer months arrive. Though there are perks to moving in the winter, there are also some downfalls like extremely cold weather and overall unpredictable weather. To combat these downfalls, here are UNITS top tips for moving during the winter months.

1. Continuously check weather conditions.

There’s no need to risk your safety or your movers safety, so be sure to stay up to date on weather conditions.

Pro tip: download the weather app! This will allow you to look at radar and weather conditions up to 15 days out.

2. Have a plan B.

If dangerous weather conditions arise, you’ll want to have another moving date already planned. This will keep additional stress at bay and will make things easier for the moving company as well.

3. Have towels and sheets readily available.

These will come in handy if furniture gets damp from snowy conditions or if snow begins to fall while movers are carrying your new sofa or antique desk to the moving van.

Pro tip: use old towels and sheets that can be thrown out after you use them. This way you’ll declutter before you even move into your new home!

4. Keep shovels and salt on hand.

This is especially relevant if you live in areas prone to a lot of snow. You’ll want to make things easier on both you and your movers by making sure your driveway and sidewalks are free of ice and snow so keeping a shovel and salt available makes the process simple.

5. Make sure the utilities are working at your new home.

Moving is a stressful and time consuming endeavor. Walking into a warm new home with running water can make all the difference! To ensure this is the case, talk to your utility company a few weeks ahead and follow up with them the day before your move.

6. Keep out a coffee maker.

You door will be kept open, cold air will fill the house and it will be hard for everyone to stay warm. Brew some coffee for everyone or simply heat up some water to make hot chocolate. With a hot drink on hand, you’ll be able to warm up your hard working movers and yourself.

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7. Place old cardboard or carpet pieces on any wood floors.

Walking in and out of the house, movers as well as yourself are sure to track slush and snow inside. By putting carpet pieces or cardboard along tile or wood flooring, you can help prevent falls.

Pro tip: you can pick up carpet pieces from local places like Habitat for Humanity.

8. Get a portable storage unit.

With a portable storage unit, you can pack things in storage at your own pace and get the easy to pack items out of the way when weather is good.

Pro tip: using storage units like those that UNITS offers allows for your unit to be moved securely and can even be used for long distance moves.

Winter moves may have you facing unpredictable weather, but with preparation and these tips for moving during the winter months you’ll be able to move into your new home in no time!

moving and portable storage

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