Portable storage units have a lot of perks, especially for those who aren’t fans of moving. With easy packing, transporting and the ability to move at your own pace, there are a lot of things you’ll love about portable storage.

Here are 3 things we love about UNITS portable storage:

It’s convenient.

With UNITS portable storage, you’ll actually enjoy the moving process because of the convenience of it. When the portable storage unit arrives to you can take your time packing it up. Ready to get it done in 2 days? Need a little more time and want to stretch it out over a whole week? Simply, pack the unit at your convenience and when done, call the UNITS crew for the easy pickup and transfer to one of our facilities.

Once you need the items again, the portable storage unit will be delivered right to your door. No more driving back and forth between your storage unit and your house or relying on a friend’s truck to help move.

It’s stored in climate controlled facilities.

If we know anything about weather, it’s that it’s completely unpredictable which is why UNITS takes pride in offering climate controlled facilities. From hot and humid to cold and dry, weather is tough on your belongings especially if you’re storing through multiple seasons.With climate controlled storage you can ensure your items are well kept season after season.

It’s affordable.

With long and short-term options available, our portable storage units offer an affordable alternative to other competitors storage options. And, with all of the added benefits like convenience, climate controlled facilities, local customer service and prompt delivery, you’ll quickly see a return on your investment.

Are you ready to invest in UNITS portable storage? Learn more about our locations and services.

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