We’ll be the first to admit that “storage solutions” is not usually a subject that fills people with the warm and fuzzies. But we’re getting closer to Valentine’s Day, and we’re asking you to consider making UNITS your Valentine this year by showcasing 14 different things to love about portable storage.

  1. Versatility – Built to be ready for whatever project you need it for. Whether it’s traditional storage, during construction, for moving…the possibilities are endless.

  2. Flexibility – Can be placed in your yard and removed when you need it.

  3. Quality – UNITS’ portable storage units are made with an all-steel frame and high quality materials that eliminate the effects of UV rays, moisture, and mold. Plus, they

  4. Secure – the high quality construction ensures that your belongings are kept safe and in the comfort of your own home.

  5. Weather-Proof – You don’t have to worry about rain or weather ruining your materials, as your UNIT will keep everything dry, safe, and sound.

  6. Convenience – Your items are stored on your property so you don’t have to make separate trips to retrieve items that are being stored.

  7. Affordable – The prices of portable storage units are an average of 30% less per square foot than what you’d pay for a traditional storage unit. UNITS will work with your budget to find a storage solution that works for you.

  8. Mobility – Can easily be loaded onto a moving truck and transported to a new location if you’re moving homes.

  9. Extra Space – Helps you feel like you’ve got an extra room in your house without all that expensive remodeling.

  10. Non-Permanent – 2 weeks or 2 months, you can use your portable storage UNIT for as long as you need.

  11. Double Duty – Can serve as a storage unit and as a moving unit, so you don’t have to hire a moving truck.

  12. It Comes to You – Pick up the phone and call and your UNIT will come to you. Save yourself some time!

  13. Perfect for Home or Commercial – Whether you’re at a home, apartment, or business, your portable storage unit will fit right in and help you make more space where you need it.

  14. Pack Once – Save time and energy by only having to pack once! No need to transport to and from an offsite facility, because it all happens in your portable storage unit.

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