We’ve grown accustomed to industries getting “disrupted” by tech. We almost take for granted that technologies are being at such a rapid rate to bring us more efficient systems and platforms each year. But no such place has experienced so many leaps and bounds in recent years as our homes with the Internet of Things. When it comes to your home’s security, you no longer have to settle for a hard-wired system that comes from a traditional provider like ADT or Vivint. So many smart home security systems will offer a seamless environment wherein you create rules like “turn on lights when motion is detected and we’re not home” or “automatically unlock all doors when fire alarm goes off.” Want to know more? Here are a few technologies you’ll love for protecting your home:

  1. Google Nest Outdoor Cameras

Want to see who’s at your front door or if your package has arrived? No worries. The Google Nest can help. They’re weather-proof and a moderately inexpensive option. Want a video doorbell that will allow you to see who’s ringing? The Google Hello is coming soon and will be a low-tech, easy-to-install option. We love this tip from PCMag: Choose an option that has a night vision camera up to 25 feet and some space for recording. You can also speak through the camera.

2.    SimpliSafe

This no contract required option is nice for those that want a DIY option. It’s customizable so you can pick and choose the components you want and it has cellular back-up.

3.    Abode Home Security Starter Kit

Abode will work with locks, lights, garage door openers, glass break sensors and even more. Plus, you can get connected in seconds. It’s the mid-way between DIY and professionally installed systems.

4.    WAZA Wi-fi plug

Got appliances you’d like to be able to turn off but don’t have the money to get an upgraded smart appliance? Try a WAZA plug, which is a $10 plug that allows you to turn things on and off via voice command with Alexa or Google Home or in your smartphone’s app.

5.    Kuna Home Security

This system has a component for everything, including a smart security light that is a light, intercom and camera all in one!

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