You’ve unpacked. The furniture is finally in your new place. You’re starting to decorate and find a place for all of your things. The hard part is done. Or is it? Unfortunately, moving isn’t as simple as getting yourself, your family, and your belongings from point A to point B. Even after you’ve settled in, there’s a good bit of paperwork required to ensure that your new address is officially your new address.

1. Changing Your Address

The first thing you need to do after settling in is head to your DMV. There, you’ll have to fill out a change of address form. You can also do this online. You will need your current driver’s license number, issue date of your license, and your social security number. If you’re willing to wait in line in person, you’ll be able to update your license at the same time.

2. Getting your New License

Once you complete a change of address form, you’ll need to get your driver’s license changed. For many states, you have a 90 day period to update your license before being penalized. You may still be required to pass a vision test before getting your updated license, even if your old one hasn’t expired yet. You will also have to update your information and take a new photo, so be sure to look your best that day!

3. Changing your Car Registration

Depending on what state you’re registering your car in, you can either apply by mail or in person to get a new car registration. You will need to provide a title in your name, proof of car insurance, a vehicle property tax receipt, and all applicable registration fees. Before you can get a new car registration, you must pay property taxes on your car based on the tax rate of your new county/state. This can only be done at the tax office, so be sure to go there before the DMV so you don’t waste an hour in line. Once you present the applicable documents to the DMV as well as your receipt of taxes paid, they’ll issue you a new registration and license plate.

4. Changing your Voter’s Registration Card

If you’re changing your license, chances are your DMV will go ahead and take care of changing your voter registration card as well. While you don’t necessarily need a physical voter’s registration card to vote, you still need to update your address so you’ll know where to go for your polling place. If the DMV forgets to ask you or you don’t want to update the information during the same trip, you can also update your voter’s registration online. But, keep in mind, you will need to have an updated registration card 30 days before you can vote.

With all of these tasks waiting for you when you get to your new home, let UNITS handle the moving part. We’ll get your belongings to your home quickly, efficiently, and affordably while you head to the DMV to take care of officially making your new place home.

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