Who says you have to wait until Spring to start cleaning out the attic and getting your home organized? It’s never too early (or too late) to take charge of your home organization. Get started with these simple tips:

Tackle One Project a Week
Rather than thinking of your organization process as a huge project, think of it as a lot of small projects. You can tackle just one a week to start seeing changes. Make a chart that highlights the different problem areas and when you want to focus on different parts of the house.

Rip The Stitches
Often the hardest part of getting started with a project is taking the first step. Start with something simple, like spending 15 minutes cleaning out a junk drawer or hallway closet, and get yourself in the zone. Then you can tackle just about anything!

Reuse & Repurpose
If you’ve got a bunch of old shoe boxes or ribbons hanging around, consider ways to reuse them for storage elsewhere in your house. Tie ribbons around different sheet sets for when you have guests. Use shoe boxes to store toys, first aid items, or as drawer dividers in your dresser.

Compile Your Clutter
If you’ve got a room that often ends up as a catch-all, usually a family room or kitchen, start by making a pile in the center of the room of everything that belongs in a different room. Once everything is in a central location, you tend to feel less overwhelmed. Piece-by-piece, start putting everything into its proper place and watch as your big pile turns into a smaller pile and then disappears.

DIY Your Organization
Trips to Bed, Bath & Beyond or The Container Store can get expensive. Instead, surf Pinterest for help DIY hacks to get organized without breaking the bank. You can use old toilet paper rolls to organize and store extension cords, mason jars to organize spices or pantry items, shoe organizers can hold wrapping paper or party materials, a tackle box can hold sewing items or little girl’s hair accessories…the possibilities are endless.

Need a little extra room to get a jump start on your spring cleaning? Call UNITS and see how we can help make it feel like you’ve got an extra room in your home (without all that pesky remodeling).  

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