Spring break and summer are fast approaching, so it’s best to start planning your vacations now as if we aren’t thinking about them every minute during the winter months. But even if you have already planned your warm weather getaway, you still need to make sure your home is taken care of while you’re away.



Locking your windows and doors may seem like the most obvious way to secure your home while you’re away. But how often do you really check that downstairs bathroom window to make sure it’s locked? There’s no harm in double checking all of your windows and doors before you leave. Many people find themselves leaving things like garage doors unlocked while they’re home and just assume they’ve left them locked. It’s always a good idea to be 100% sure that your house is on lockdown when you pull out of the driveway.

Appearing Like You’re Home

With the invention of smart plugs, you can now set timers for lights to come on as if your family were still going about their day-to-day in your house. The best way to make it seem like you’re home is to treat your home as if you’re still there. Do you normally keep the blinds all closed up? If not, then don’t change that habit. Do you have a hard time turning off the upstairs hallway light? Maybe just leave it on. It’s better to appear like you’re home rather than like your home is completely vacated. It’s also very smart to either stop your mail or have a friend come by to retrieve it. Piled up mail is a huge indicator that homeowners aren’t there right now. If you’re going to be gone on an extended trip, it may even be a good idea to recruit a friend or hire a landscaper to come and mow the lawn. If a home looks like it’s being taken care of normally, it’ll appear as if you’re still there.

Be Smart Online

Sure, if you’re enjoying your pina colada on a beach somewhere, chances are you’ll want to post a photo or two to social media. While posting you’re on vacation is fine, never post the exact date you’re coming home. You never know who could be reading your post, even if your page is completely private. Being in the moment on a vacation can cause a lapse in judgement, and it’s really easy to post something like, “So bummed to be going home in 2 days.” It’s best to keep specific travel details to yourself and only share the fun stuff with your followers.

Install a Camera

There are so many unique camera systems you can purchase without having to go all Secret Service for your home. Kuna and Ring both provide outdoor cameras that communicate directly with your phone. If someone comes to your door, a sensor goes off immediately starting a video recording and sending your phone a notification. If the person is a friend, no problem. But if it looks like someone is poking around your house while you aren’t home, you can immediately call the authorities directly from the app. You can also set off the sound of an alarm from the camera to scare them off, or ask directly what they are looking for. Those noises alone are probably enough to instill fear in even the boldest of lurkers.

For vacations where you may want a little more peace of mind, UNITS storage facilities provide state-of-the-art security for whatever belongings you need to keep safe. We have short-term and long-term options available just in case you decide to stay at the beach all summer.

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