The coronavirus pandemic in the United States has impacted our daily lives in more ways than one, but moving during this pandemic is sometimes unavoidable. To help you safely move, there are a few tips you should consider as far as conducting business, working with movers, and alternative moving solutions that might provide a more contact-less option for those who are especially at risk.

1. Limit Contact With Movers, Get A Virtual Quote

Most moving businesses are now offering ways of getting quotes online without any face to face contact. Consider getting a virtual quote for moving your home, rather than having someone come out to your home. If you do hire a moving company, you may also consider leaving for the day while the movers drop off and deliver your belongings to your new home. Take a hike and revisit and sanitize when the movers are finished.

2. If You Use Movers, Inquire About What Sanitization Efforts They Are Making

If you're not physically capable of moving yourself or just want to avoid the heavy lifting, you may want to inquire about what santization efforts your moving company has put in place.

3. Consider Moving Yourself With A Portable Storage Unit

Depending on where you live in the country, you may have experienced a period of quarantine for several weeks, turning into months. If your move is still on the books you may consider choosing an alternative moving solution like a portable storage unit that can be delivered to your door for you to pack and unload at your own pace and some services like UNITS Moving & Portable Storage also offer convenient and affordable storage solutions should you need to tuck some extra belongings away.

For more information about moving solutions, contact your local UNITS franchisee for a virtual quote and contactless delivery of your mobile storage container.

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