Your floors are one of the most attractive features of your home, especially for homebuyers. You’ve spent countless hours cleaning and taking precautions to keep your floors looking great, but that won’t pay off unless you protect them during the moving process. Unfortunately, moving out can be one of the most detrimental processes for your floors, but with a few easy tricks, you can prevent that from happening.

At UNITS Moving and Portable Storage, we are dedicated to making the moving and storage experience easy for our customers. That’s why we provide tips and tricks to help you simplify your move. To get a free quote on your UNITS container today call (855) 981-8648. Read on to learn how you can protect your floors when moving.

Clean Your Floors

Prior to moving, you should ensure that your floors are 100% clean. Any grime on your carpet can get ground in and leave stains and unwanted spost. Similarly, debris (rocks, grit, etc) can cause scratches to form on wood and tile floors. Give your carpets a through vacuum and ensure that tile and wood are spotless before laying down any floor coverings.

Utilize Old Blankets and Towels

During the decluttering process, it’s likely that you’ve come across old blankets, towels, and other materials that you considered throwing out. Instead of tossing these out, you can give them one last use (and save some money) by using them to protect your floors when moving. You can also use any leftover blankets or towels as furniture wraps or pads. When decluttering your home, set aside the following: 

  • Rugs & Mats

  • Plastic Tarps

  • Towels

  • Old Throw-Away Blankets

  • Sturdy Flattened Cardboard

Use Felt Pads to Cover the Feet of Your Furniture

Furniture sliding and scooting can be one of the most detrimental things to your floors. Even when taking extra precaution, accidents happen. You can guarantee protection from damage caused by furniture sliding by utilizing felt pads. Not only are they cheap, but they can save your floors from some serious damage. Attach felt pads to the feet of all furniture and anything else heavy (like computers, appliances, etc) that can slide on the floor.

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is dedicated to making the moving and storage experience simple and affordable for our customers. Our patented storage containers make moving and storage a breeze. Find your local UNITS center or call (855) 981-8648 to get started!

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