Moving to a new home is like starting all over with a blank slate. With everything all compact and boxed up, it’s easy to make the style changes that you’ve always been dreaming of. What’s not so easy, is picking out paint colors. Because of the semi-permanent nature of paint, people often get overwhelmed when choosing a color scheme for their home. Here are our tips for picking paint color like a pro:

Use Your Furniture as A Guide
Unless you plan on starting over with new furniture, try using your existing furniture pieces as a guide. Pick a nice complementary color for the main accent piece of furniture in the room. Or if you plan on buying new furniture, keep that in mind as you’re looking for paint. Do you have one piece that has a strong color? Find paint colors to match in order to bring order and harmony to the room.

Search for Inspiration
Sites like Pinterest,, and HGTV have a lot of examples of different paint combos that you can use as inspiration for your project. Peruse home remodel magazines, and check out the free project inspirations that the different paint companies offer.

Test First
If you’re not sure about how the color will look on your walls, many paint stores offer samples that you can take home and apply to a small portion of your walls. Color can change a lot depending on the amount of light in a room, so it’s important to see it live in the right environment before committing fully.

Consider the Room
Different rooms have different moods associated with them. Cool, soft, and neutral colors inspire a quitter feeling which are good for bedrooms and bathrooms. Warmer, brighter, and contrasting colors are good for social areas like dining rooms or anywhere you plan to do a lot of entertaining. Bright colors can cause irritability and overstimulation, so keep those to a minimum.

Consider Accents
Sometimes, one color can be boring, especially if you have a large space or an open floor plan. Using subtle accent colors help to make the room appear larger, while also breaking up the monotony of too much of one color. Consider going a few shades lighter or darker with an accent wall or a color that is complementary.

Consult a Pro
If all else fails, consider consulting with a professional!

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