Moving your child into college can be an emotional rollercoaster. On the one hand, you’re excited and proud for them to make this transition into adulthood. On the other, you’re feeling sad that suddenly your baby is all grown up. But one thing you shouldn’t be feeling is frustration during the moving process. Here are things you should consider before making the big move to college.

Whether they’re moving into a dorm, an apartment, or sharing a house with friends, moving into a college residence is going to be quite different than what they’re used to at home. Have your student sort all of their belongings into 3 buckets: “Must-have,” “maybe/maybe not,” and “leave at home.” Pack the must-have items in 1 box for easy move in. Pack the maybes separately so that if they don’t have enough room for everything, it’s easy to put it all back in the car for mom & dad to take home.

Postpone the Shopping Trip
Parents and students going off to college for the first time tend to get excited about the entire experience and purchase more than they’ll actually have room for in their new space. Take the time to unpack what you already have and see how much space is actually available to you (is there a common area, do you have roommates) and decide what you still need to buy before heading to the store in order to prevent overcrowding and clutter.

Designate a Staging Area
Pick a corner of your house to store all of your child’s move-in supplies in as you prepare for the move. Oftentimes, students receive move-in supplies as graduation presents, which will then sit unused over the summer. Keep everything in one area so you don’t get it mixed in with your regular household supplies.

Get Organized
Consult your college’s move-in checklist to see what items they recommend you bring to be sure that you have everything you need for move in. Have your student make a list of the items they use on a regular basis and those that are seasonal or less important to their daily life, so they know exactly what they need for move in.

Save yourself the stress of having to get all packed up in a few days. Rent a UNIT and take your time packing over the summer and have UNITS transport your child’s belongings to their new home. Contact us to learn more!  

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