Hosting this year's Thanksgiving feast means food prep, family time, and of course, fixing the house to look like no one actually lives in it! Don’t worry, UNITS has you covered with some great tips that will help you entertain well!

Deep clean the areas your guest will be in the most. It’s great to deep clean the whole house, but sometimes you just don’t have the time, so what’s most important is touching up the areas that your guest will see. You can always close the doors to areas you don’t want guests entering.

Be sure all of your bathrooms are stocked with fresh towels and hand soap. For a festive touch, buy fall themed hand napkins to keep beside the sink.

After you’ve cleaned, it’s decoration time and trust us, you don’t need to be the next HGTV star to have an awesome looking home for Thanksgiving. For example, you can quickly and easily add some pops of color to the house with vases of flowers or buy some cheap festive coasters to place on side tables, coffee tables and even your breakfast bar if you have one.

Candles are also a great way to add some festive decorations. Light them a half hour or so before guests arrive so that the smell permeates the house and keep them lit to add a little festive ambiance to the day.

While you’re adding decorations, don’t forget about the table. Add a store-bought centerpiece or make your own with some free tree trimmings from any local tree seller. Bonus points: if you decide to go with tree trimmings, you’ll add another festive smell to the house!

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Create a kid-friendly space. If any kids will be present, plan an area they can play away from the adults and head to your local crafting store to purchase some holiday coloring books, sidewalk chalk, stick on holiday tattoos or any other easy activity to keep them occupied.

Last but not least, have some festive tunes ready to go for the big day.

Now, go conquer Thanksgiving and eat a few extra rolls for all of your hard work!

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