The big day is approaching. Moving day. You are leaving one home for another, embarking on a new phase of your life. It’s exciting but also intimidating. Who do hire (or not hire) to help? Do you do it yourself or hire movers by the hour? Do you have a portable storage container delivered and moved with you to your new location across town? Or do you use some combination of the two.

Let’s look at just a few comparisons between portable storage containers vs. a traditional moving company.

Portable Storage Containers v. Traditional Moving Companies

There are several things to consider when choosing a portable storage container or a traditional mover. How much of the moving you anticipate doing yourself? How far away are you moving? What kinds of belongings are you going to need to move around? And most importantly, how do you narrow it down to a single plan of action?

If you’re looking for a quick and direct move, traditional moving companies are perhaps your most effective solution. They’ll be able to help you pack your belongings, move the furniture, and deliver it to your next location. Portable storage containers offer more flexibility and control of packing your belongs as you’d like them to be stored and can be used for longer periods of time. Storage containers for moving like those available from UNITS Moving & Portable Storage can also be packed by movers you hire, so regardless of how involved you want to be, a portable storage container offers some flexibility that a paid by the hour traditional moving company simply can’t.

While a traditional moving company won’t offer you any storage solutions afterward unloading your belongings, portable storage containers are typically a cost-effective option with a monthly rate to store the container at a nearby facility. When home closings might not line up perfectly and movers or traditional self-serve storage units might be a cost-prohibitive option, a portable storage container gives you the flexibility of extending storage deadlines without breaking the bank or your back.

Perhaps even more importantly, traditional moving companies tend to come with a much higher risk of property damage and loss, even though they are relieving you of the heavy lifting. Depending on what you’re moving, a portable storage container might offer you a more reliable storage solution before, during, and after your move, all with the assurance that your belongings will be left exactly as you’d packed them. Some UNITS locations may even have partnerships established with local moving companies for moving services at discounted rates.

Whenever you move you should choose a reputable company to work with, regardless of whether that’s a portable storage container company or a traditional mover. Start with family and friends for recommendations. What moving company did they hire? Were they satisfied? Did the portable storage unit work for them, and were there any back-end charges for delivery? If family and friends have no counsel to offer, the American Moving and Storage Association maintains a database of trustworthy companies. When all else fails, a quick Google search on any moving company or portable storage company should give you a good idea of any reviews they’ve received recently.

While there are always pros and cons to either a traditional mover or a portable storage container company, consider using a local business because they probably have some excellent insight into moving around the town or city you’re moving in or to.

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