Pitch It or Pack It: What Should Stay and What Should Go When You’re Moving

You never realize just how much stuff you have until you have to pack it all up for a move. With all the other stresses of moving, it’s easy to either throw everything into a box and call it a day or throw out anything that isn’t an everyday necessity and regret it later. Here are some common items you’ll come across when moving and where they should land on the pitch it or pack it lists:

Old Prescription Medications

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Pitch it (the right way)

Is your medicine cabinet full of half empty prescriptions bottles? Moving is the perfect time to get rid of those old medications, both to clear up space and prevent any accidental misuse in the future. However, unlike most other items on your pitch it list, many prescription medicines can’t be tossed in the regular garbage. Check out the FDA’s recommendations for disposing of old medicines and pitch those old prescriptions safely and responsibly.

Non-Perishable Kitchen Pantry Items

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Pack it

While you don’t want any perishable items rotting in a box during your move, not everything in your pantry needs to go in the trash. Spices, canned foods, cooking oils, rice and pastas can all be transported from one kitchen to another. It’s good to toss any items that need refrigeration or are prone to spill, but many non-perishable items should make it on your pack it list. Instead of spending $50 replacing all your spices and oils when you finally cook your first meal in your new home, make sure they are sealed properly and take them with you.

Toiletries and Cosmetics

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Pack it

Those unused makeup bottles and body washes don’t need to make the move with you. Chances are if they’ve been sitting under your bathroom sink collecting dust at your old house, then that’s where they’ll end up in your new house. Toss out any toiletries or cosmetics that you don’t use at least once a week. Besides, those products are likely to spill and cause a floral or vanilla scented mess during the move.

Cleaning supplies

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Pack it

Even if your destination is a brand new house, eventually you’re going to need to clean something up (and probably sooner rather than later). Rather than rushing to the store to buy paper towels and carpet cleaner when you spill that bottle of celebratory wine on your new rug, pack up those cleaning supplies after you’re done cleaning your old house or apartment.

Documents and Paperwork

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Pitch some, Pack some

A lot of people are wary when it comes to throwing out old receipts and paperwork. Yes, you should probably hold on to the old bank statements, previous month's utility bills, receipts for large purchases and tax returns. However, documents that you won’t need come tax season or receipts for items that are no longer under warranty can go. Follow this guide when sorting through your pile of paperwork during a move to know what gets pitched and what gets packed.

Old Electronics

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Pitch it

Much like old prescriptions, electronics can’t be thrown in the trashcan. Since some electronics can contain toxic substances, there are special rules in place for ridding yourself of these unwanted devices responsibly. Here is a list of stores that will recycle your old electronics for you. If you have the extra time during your move, you may even consider selling some of the electronics you no longer use on eBay, Gazelle.com or Craigslist. Just be sure to wipe any personal data off the device before selling.

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Pack it (for now)

You only need so many hand towels in your life. However, instead of tossing out those old sheets and towels, use them for packing up fragile items. You can put a washcloth between each plate of your fine china to prevent chips or wrap your grandma’s antique vase in an old bed sheet for extra padding. Pitch the majority of those worn-out linens once you’ve completed your move, but keep a few extra small towels for cleaning purposes down the road.

Moving is the perfect time to declutter your life by pitching unused possessions, but not everything needs to go. For the items that make it on your pack it list, know you can trust UNITS Moving & Portable Storage to get them to your new home safely.

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