Moving can be a stressful process, but technology has made it a lot easier to get organized and make your move as painless as possible. Your grandparents never had any of these timesaving apps & tools, but you’ll be thankful you do!

Here are our favorite tools for managing your move:

  1. State Farm Move Tools – App

Available for both Android & iOS, this free app from State Farm is great for getting organized, especially when your move is still a little ways away. You can schedule your move and the app will create to-do lists based on what you should be doing in the weeks leading up to your move, spreading the work out rather than forcing you to get it all done at one time. It also allows you to organize and track what items are being packed into which boxes, and saves that info in the app. You can then print out smart labels to attach to your boxes and valuate your inventory as you go.

  1. Packing Calculator – Online Tool
    Simple in its format, this calculator asks for the number of bedrooms in your house, the number of adults living in your house, and how you’d classify the number of items you own to calculate how many moving supplies you’d need for packing everything up. This is a great way to get a ballpark estimate when you’re planning how many moving boxes to buy. It also gives you an idea of how much the supplies will cost, which can be great for budgeting your move.

  2. Evernote – App & Online Tool

A free account in Evernote allows you to make lists and stay organized across all of your devices. Create task lists, collaborate with family, take notes, and save things you find online. Creat multiple “to-do” lists, leading up to your move, and save potential future purchases (like furniture you find online) on your Evernote account.

  1. Sortly – App
    Sortly is organization made easy. The basic app is available for free from iOS, but you can purchase the premium version that allows you a lot more cool features for organizing your move, and your new home (once you unpack). With Sortly, you can create boxes and list out and photograph what you’re packing in each box. With the premium account, you can print out QR codes to attach to the boxes so you can scan and sort once you unload the boxes in your new home (without having to worry about people seeing your packing list info). The Premium feature also gives you the ability to autosave to Evernote so you can stay consistent and organized across platforms.

  2. Moving Van – App
    Available for just $1.99 on iTunes, Moving Van allows you to easily identify the contents of every box you pack with photos and lists. You can easily find specific items, as well as peruse the contents of different boxes, all from the app. No more searching through box after box to try and find that one specific item, which is especially convenient for boxes going into storage! The app also includes a data export for insurance purposes.

  3. Magic Plan – App & Online Tool

This app is great for moving into a new space to try and figure out how to arrange all of your old furniture. Simply create a layout of your new home and drag and drop similarly shaped and sized furniture into the floorplan to see how they would look in your new space. Try it out; your back will thank you!



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