Moving to a bigger office is an exciting sign of prosperity and success! But it can also be an overwhelming process. Once you’ve secured your new space, follow our step-by-step office moving checklist to make the process as simple as possible!

Consider Requirements For Your New Space

u2610 Look into buying new furniture, if needed. Sell off old furniture to cut down on moving costs.

u2610 Measure the new space and create an office floor plan for the new space

u2610 Consider upgrading your IT needs if increasing your technology demands

Create a Moving Plan

u2610 Look into hiring a quality, professional moving company

u2610 Create a team to oversee and coordinate moving plans

u2610 Have the moving team go through each department to inventory everything and identify which items are being moved and which are being disposed of

u2610 The moving team should also come up with a system for securing and moving important documents like client files

u2610 Purchase moving materials—boxes, tape, paper, etc

u2610 Create a moving timeline—decide if you will be moving things gradually or all at once.

u2610 Consider hiring a cleaning crew to clean the old location, or perhaps even the new location before you move in

u2610 Review your current vendors and determine if you will stick with them in the new location or find new vendors


u2610 Prioritize unpacking key departments first

u2610 Communicate new building rules and procedures with employees

u2610 Focus on unpacking the most important items first, and save things like artwork and other aesthetics for once you’re up and running.

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