Nearly everyone generates a New Year’s resolution, whether on paper or secretly to themselves. However, New Year’s resolutions are almost always hard to stick to especially when life gets crazy! Here are some small New Year’s resolutions for your home that will help you have a cleaner home all year long (and who doesn’t love that?).

Dishes go in the dishwasher every night.
Late night dinners and last minute breakfasts usually generate some type of dirty dishware that gets thrown in the sink for cleaning later on, but break this habit in the New Year. Resolve to put the dishes in the dishwasher every night, no matter what. This will not only make the kitchen feel cleaner it will also eliminate odors that can make the whole house feel dirty.

Dust electronics and furniture weekly.
Dusting is one of those household chores that easily gets forgotten about until you have a full on dust bunny resting on your side table. Defeat that dust bunny before it even begins by dusting electronics and furniture on a set day each week. 

Use a filing system for bills, receipts and other loose papers.
Many of receipts and papers may end up laying loosely around the house. Set yourself up for year-long success by using a filing system for all of your papers. This will keep your house and your life organized.

Put away clothes right after they come out of the dryer.
It’s so easy to get into the habit of pulling your clothes straight out of the dryer to be worn or leaving them stuffed in a clothes basket until you have time to hang them up. In the New Year, give yourself a few extra minutes to put all of your clothing away. This makes for a clean house and will leave you feeling more organized. 

Donate a piece of clothing every time you buy a new piece.
By the end of the year, your closet is probably full of clothing that you don’t wear anymore. By resolving to donate one piece of clothing each time you buy a new piece, you can do some good while helping yourself stay organized. 

Store seasonal items in a portable storage unit.
At the beginning of the year, store all of your Christmas items in a portable storage along with all of your summer clothing and your summer toys. This will free up space in your home and visually make the home look less cluttered. As the seasons change, swap out what you have the storage unit. 

Whether you have a large family, married or single, your home is a space to relax and unwind. With these resolutions for you home, you can ensure your home stays clutter free and clean year round. 

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?

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