The cake has been cut, the honeymoon is over, and now it’s time for you and your new spouse to start your married life together in a new home. However, if not properly prepared for, this exciting post-wedding move can quickly turn into your first full-blown argument as a married couple. Keep the transition into a new home harmonious with UNITS moving tips for newlyweds:

Take Inventory of What Each Spouse Already Owns

When two adults move in together, there’s bound to be a plethora of duplicate items. Before you move everything from each house, make a list of what each spouse already owns. If you have a small living room, you don’t need 3 full size couches. Decide just how many lamps and end tables you really need for the new house. You may both have queen size beds and realize you’d rather sell both and buy a king size mattress for the new home. Donate or sell unnecessary duplicates, but keep some duplicates (if you love them) in a storage container for later on when you move into a larger house.

Wait to Open All Those Wedding Presents

It’s tempting to bust out all the new gifts you got at the wedding, but you’re better off waiting until after the move. It’s much easier to transport those items when they’re still packed in their original boxes all safe and sound. Also, once you’ve moved all your things into the new house, you and your spouse might realize you really don’t have the space for that cappuccino maker you registered for. Take advantage of those return receipts and exchange some of the unnecessary gifts for the more practical items needed in your new home.

Go on a date mid-way through the move

The beginning of a marriage may be the honeymoon stage, but moving can damper newlywed bliss. To counteract the stress and frustration of moving in with your new spouse, take a night off and go out on a date. Whether dining at a fancy restaurant or going to the theater to watch the newest blockbuster, get out of the house for a night and spend some time together not surrounded by moving boxes. Take time on your evening out to remember what excites both of you about moving in together as a new family.

Discuss Cleaning Responsibilities

Designating chores isn’t just for families with children. Even full-grown adults sometimes need to make a list of cleaning responsibilities. Avoid future conflict and discuss the roles each spouse will have when it comes to keeping your new home clean. Often couples have different expectations of what cleaning the house looks like and these discrepancies aren’t discovered until after moving in together. If you need to, stick a list of chore responsibilities on the fridge so it’s clear who is accountable for each task.

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