-Whether you’ve moved once or a hundred times, we’ve all made mistakes that make the moving process a lot more stressful or difficult than it needs to be. Learn how to avoid these common mistakes and your move will be easy and stress-free! 

Hiring Cheap / Shady Moving Companies

Hiring movers based on low price alone without making sure that they’re legitimate and experienced can mean that your “low price” ends up being a big, expensive headache. Make sure you read reviews and look for companies that have a healthy number of positive reviews. 

Not Checking Costs

Additionally, make sure you ask for an estimate from whatever moving company you are considering. Compare the estimates (and be sure to ask for any additional fees that aren’t included in the estimate, as moving companies often include these). Check also to make sure your insurance covers accidents or damages incurred from moving.

Packing Boxes Inefficiently

Packing your boxes inefficiently means you’re more likely to overpack your boxes, pack boxes that are too heavy to lift, and/or pack boxes with items from a mix of different rooms, making unpacking much more difficult. Click to read our tips on how to efficiently pack a box. 

Not Packing a Moving Day Essentials Kit

Lots of unexpected things can happen during the transport process from your old home to your new one: traffic, miscommunication, and getting lost being just a few. Prepare for the unexpected by packing a “moving day essentials” kit with everything you need to survive until your moving truck finally appears at your new place.

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