Renting a portable storage unit is a great solution to declutter your home or simplifying your move. While a portable storage unit can make your relocation and storage experience a breeze, not using it correctly can lead to your belongings getting lost or damaged. Here are some common mistakes people make when using a portable storage container.

1. Not having a plan

The most common mistake that individuals make when using a portable storage container is not making a plan beforehand. Going into the packing process blind can lead to disorder and suboptimal use of your space. Before loading your portable storage unit, take an inventory of your belongings to determine what should be packed first. The heaviest, most under-utilized items should always be the first things packed so that lighter items can be stacked on top.

2. Failing to label boxes

No properly labeling your boxes can be one of the most detrimental mistakes to make while packing. Not only does failing to label your boxes make it impossible to determine its contents while unpacking, but it also means that you have to open every box if you accidentally packed something that you need.

3. Using not enough/improper packing materials

One thing you should never skimp on when packing are the packing materials themselves. Failing to properly pack your belongings can lead your being damaged during the moving process. This is especially true for dinnerware and stemware, you should always use extra padding to avoid fragile items from being damaged. On another note, you should avoid packing items in newspaper as the ink can bleed all over your valuables.

4. Not having enough space

It can be difficult to determine how much stuff you actually have. The best way to be proactive about this is to contact your local moving and portable storage company and get a free estimate. If in doubt, always choose a larger sized portable storage unit than what you were aiming for.

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