If you’re anything like us, you spend many of your winter indoor days pining for the 70 and 80 degree weather to return. But you’re probably not too excited about your electricity bill for keeping the air conditioning running all summer long. But don’t worry; we’ve got five ways to lower your utility bill this year and make your home more energy efficient.

Lower Your Water Heater’s Setting

On average, 13% of your home’s electricity goes to heating water. But we know that cold showers can put you in a cranky mood, so we won’t suggest that! However, by lowering to 130-140 degrees, you can save on that percentage. Looking to do even more but not sacrifice those nice, hot showers in the morning? Try insulating the first six feet of piping that comes out of your heater.

Replace your Filters

When you have a clogged filter, it doesn’t just ensure sneezes from dust accumulation, it’s hard on your air conditioning system. Don’t make it struggle to do its job; replace your filters once a month. They even have a handy auto-subscription service called Filter Easy that will ship them directly to your door when it’s time to change (so you don’t forget).

Change your Fan’s Setting

Did you know that ceiling fans have a setting that allows them to run counter-clockwise to trap in heat or clockwise to dissipate hot air? By simply clicking the fan in the correct direction for the season, you promote proper airflow in your home and keep your rooms warmer (or cooler) with less stress on your HVAC system.

Watch your Laundry Loads

While we might think it’s efficient to use every square inch of washer space in order to ensure that we’re not using too much water to launder clothes, it can actually bite you in the drying process. The washer will likely get everything clean, but the dryer will inefficiently dry a packed drum, meaning that you have to run it several times to get clothing dry, wasting a lot of energy.

Seal Up Entries and Windows

Sealing leaks can increase your energy efficiency up to 30% in your home. If you’ve got air leaking from windows and cracks, it’s time to buy some caulk and get to work. If the windows are beyond the simple fix, it’s probably time to look at getting some energy-efficient windows, which can also secure you a tax deduction.

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