It’s finally getting warm outside, and everyone wants to enjoy it to the fullest after being cooped up indoors all winter. However, while the cold crept in, your backyard style probably crept out, and it’s time to get your outdoor space back in gear for backyard fun. Here are 4 inexpensive ways to turn a boring backyard into a fun place to spend time the next few months:

1. Lighting

Do you want to give your backyard a magical ambience that makes you feel like you’re lounging in a courtyard in Italy? Lighting is a cheap way to highlight different areas of your yard and set the mood! Bistro lights can be hung from taller trees to give an illusion of a twinkling canopy, accent lighting can highlight different areas of your yard by giving it an airy glow, and lighting lining walkways will help make dark areas more inviting. While you can definitely invest in lighting, look for solar light options, as they’ll be the most affordable and won’t run up your electric bill either.

2. Edging and Simple Landscaping

It’s no secret that this time of year is all about flowers. But most flowering plants in season right now don’t come back year after year. To cut costs and maintain a manicured backyard, look for greenery and flowers that will either stay green all year or will bloom again this time next year. Our favorite perennial flowers that can give your yard a pop of color are tulips, geraniums, and peonies. For keeping your lawn looking clean and cut, investing in an edger is a game changer. They are sold at every price point and keep your walkways and fence lines looking as clean and sharp as if you hired someone to come in and professionally landscape.

3. Designate Multiple Seating Areas

Sure, you may have a deck or porch that is your main seating area, but to take your backyard up a notch, offer another seating area in the shade. If you have a tall tree, clear out a place under it to have a couple adirondack chairs or benches. Having seating options allows for everyone to spread out during a backyard party and gives different sections of your yard purpose. Also having options for shaded versus unshaded seating is always nice for guests on hot summer days.

4. Encourage an Activity

While sitting around and talking in the backyard is nice, chances are if you have multiple age groups, some sort of activity is necessary for entertainment. Backyard activities don’t have to be expensive though. Build a fire pit for roasting marshmallows or DIY giant backyard games for all ages. We are partial to giant jenga, ourselves. Having options for activities that range for age groups is a good way to make sure everyone is happy, and there’s something to do for any guests that come over.

If you’re looking to implement these updates to your backyard but you aren’t sure what to do with your older lawn furniture or decor, UNITS has available long-term and short-term storage for you to keep your backyard appropriately maintained no matter what season it is.

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