Your grandmother’s china and that artwork you bought at an auction have become a major part of your life, but when it comes to moving time, storing those fragile items can seem like a major obstacle.

Here are UNITS recommendations for how to store fragile items.

China and glassware

To store china and glassware, invest in strong sturdy cardboard boxes. You’ll also want to utilize the bubble wrap you have on hand and old newspapers.

To start, pad the bottom and sides of the cardboard box with bubble wrap. Individually wrap each of the china and glassware in bubble wrap. Once thoroughly wrapped, stack the the pieces in the box filling any empty holes or spaces with newspaper.

Pro tip: it’s a great idea to keep all of your boxes containing glassware in the same area, but never place the boxes on top of each other.

Artwork or mirrors

Foam board, bubble wrap and packing tape are essential for storing artwork or mirrors properly. To begin, use foam board pieces that are a few inches larger than the artwork or mirror placing once board on each side of it. Then, use multiple layers of bubble wrap until the artwork or mirror is completely covered and padded. Once bubble wrapped, tape, tape tape! Use enough tape so that the foam board and bubble wrap stay firmly in place.

Pro tip: when storing or moving, ensure your artwork or mirror is placed vertical and does not rest flat on the ground.


When storing linens, keep in mind that regular tissue paper and newspaper can bleed into the fabric over time. However, by purchasing acid-free tissue paper, you can wrap you linens safely and box up accordingly.

Pro tip: always roll linens instead of folding. This will reduce creases.

Antique furniture

Before packing away, spray wood polish on any wooden pieces and put leather conditioner on any leather products. This will ensure the pieces don’t dry out. Next, wrap any table or chair legs in bubble wrap and the upholstered furniture in cloth or blankets. Heavy furniture like antique bed frames should be dismantled before packing.

Storing fragile items can be a little intimidating, but with the help of UNITS portable storage and these packing tips, your items will stay safe and secure.

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