Even in our technology driven world, we still hold on to printed photos, old artwork and other paper mementos of our pasts. The problem is these items can quickly become unorganized piles of paper in our homes and the memories held in them become lost in the jumble. It’s time to dust off your valued photographs, certificates, papers and artwork and find them a proper home so they’re safe for future trips down memory lane. Read UNITS’ tips on properly storing your memorabilia:

Sorting through what will be stored

Before you can store your mementos, you must force organize and sort through them all. Don’t worry, though, as this step can actually be an entertaining activity for you and your loved ones as you walk down memory lane together. Decide any items you want to keep out and find a way to display them nicely around your home. Categorize the memorabilia into groups based on type (e.g. photos, postcards, children’s artwork). Now is also the time to throw out anything that doesn’t hold sentimental value or duplicates of photos. Taking your time on during this step will make the next two much easier.

Picking the right container

For photos and other paper memorabilia, the container you put them in is just as important as where you store them. It’s tempting to grab some of the spare shoeboxes you have floating around and toss everything inside. However, not only will this cause a organization headache in the future, it will also damage your precious memories.


Photos should be placed in special boxes specifically made for long term photo storage. Pick photo boxes that already have indexing dividers so you can categorize your pictures by time or subject.

Papers and Children’s Artwork

Artwork or other papers from your children’s school years are best stored in binders that are then placed horizontally in plastic totes. Use polypropylene plastic sleeves to hold these papers in the binder.

Oversized Papers and Certificates

Any sheets of paper that are too large to fit in a binder should be rolled and placed in a tube that is at least two inches longer than the width of the sheet. If rolling more than one paper up to place in a tube, roll them all together before putting in the tube as opposed to rolling them each up separately.

Greeting cards and postcards

Now that it’s time to store your greeting cards and postcards, those shoeboxes will come in handy. Place cards vertically inside a shoebox or other cardboard box that is approximately 7 to 8 inches wide, depending on how large the cards you’re storing are. Greeting cards should be stored with the crease of the card facing up.

Choosing where to store it all

Now that all your photos and other paper keepsakes are sorted and placed in appropriate boxes, it’s time to find the right place to keep them all. While the attic, garage or basement are the go-to spots for storing things out of the way, they aren’t the best locations for these items. The fluctuating temperatures and possible flooding will ruin your photos and papers, even if they’re in the right boxes. If you plan to access your memorabilia often, keep them in dark closet on shelf and off the floor. Regularly check for bugs and other pests that might eat away at cardboard and paper. For longer term storage, a climate-controlled UNITS Storage Container will keep your important memories safe until you’re ready to access them again.

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