When it comes to packing your boxes, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and energy if you pack more efficiently and with intention, rather than just randomly tossing everything in a box until it’s full. Here’s how to properly pack a box:

Start with One Room at a Time

It’s easier for both packing and unpacking if you limit boxes to items from the same room. Nothing is more frustrating than lugging a box with some bedroom stuff upstairs only to find out that half of the box is full of plates and silverware and has to go back down to the kitchen.

Group Similar Items

Try to match up items by weight and size, starting with the biggest, bulkiest items at the bottom and finishing with smaller, lighter items at the top.

Wrap Breakable Items

Using plastic packing wrap, bubble wrap, or paper, wrap items that are breakable or easily scratched before packing to prevent damage.

Keep Weight in Mind

Whether you’re moving yourself or hiring professional movers, remember that someone is going to have to pick these boxes up. Ensure that your boxes are no heavier that 35 pounds. This means that for your bookshelf, you’ll want to use many small boxes, rather than 1 big box.

As always, be sure to clearly label your box based on what room they belong to in the new place, and what the contents of the box are so that you know exactly where to find things when you need them.

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