Planning a yard sale is about more than just lugging a bunch of your belongings out into your front yard and hoping people will want to buy them. It takes a lot of pre-planning, marketing, and a little bit of business savvy to have a truly successful yard sale. Whether you’re moving to a new home or just looking to do a little spring cleaning, hosting a yard sale can be a great way to refresh & make a little money.

Create Inventory

The first step in hosting a yard sale is gathering up all the items you intend to sell! Go room by room and ask yourself “have I used this within the past year?” If the answer is ‘no,’ consider adding it to the “to sell” pile. Wait until you have a significant inventory built up before you start moving on to the other steps of your yard sale.

Price Your Inventory

Starting with the bigger items, do a little research online to figure out what they’re selling for in order to give you a baseline price point. Remember that yard sales are all about haggling, so be prepared to have a little leeway in your asking price. For smaller items, consider what you would be willing to pay for them if you found them at someone else’s yard sale.

Organize Your Yard Sale Layout

Consider setting up tables of different dollar values and grouping items of the same price all on the same table, so it’s easier for people to browse. Consider putting smaller items up front and the bigger ticket items toward the back, so that people are more likely to see all of your inventory as they work their way through the sale.

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