Moving is definitely not an easy task, especially when it comes to packing up the garage which is probably filled with old toys, bikes with deflated tires, lawn tools, paint cans, the list goes on! Though digging through the years of accumulated stuff may seem overwhelming, enlist some of these garage packing tips to make your moving endeavor a little easier.

Organization is key. Make some space in your driveway so that you can pull out items and place them in designated areas. For example, lawn tools in one area, sports equipment in another area, things that can be tossed in an area, etc.

Laying out your items will make it easier to see what all you have and help you decide what to take to your new home. You’ll also want to box things according to their area. For example, soccer balls, basketballs and baseball gloves can all be packed together.

Gas power tools should have the gas syphoned out of them. This makes it safe for transport.

Wrap pointed yard tools in an old blanket or towels. Use string to tighten the blanket around the end of the tool.

Place any loose tools in your toolbox. Then, place the tool box in an easily accessible spot in the driveway so that the tools are ready for the move, but will also be easy to grab if you need them to take apart anything.  

For electric tools, take off any removable parts. Bubble wrap the parts as well as the tool before placing them in a box of appropriate size.

Moving your garage is a big task, but luckily UNITS offers all of your moving supply needs and your local UNITS staff is always available for questions!

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