Packing your belongings is arguable the most important step in the relocation process. Having your stuff organized and packed before moving day can seem like a challenge. One solution is to start packing for your move early. However, without careful planning, it can be difficult for you to pack early without inconveniencing your daily life. Luckily at UNITS, we’ve come up with a few tips and tricks to help you get ahead on your packing without disrupting your life. 

At UNITS Moving and Portable Storage, we are dedicated to making the moving and storage experience easy for our customers. That’s why we provide tips and tricks to help make your move easier. To get a free quote on your UNITS container today call (855) 981-8648. Read on to find out how to pack early for your move.

Pack the Easy Items First

The first items you should pack when moving are things that you don’t use on a regular basis. This can depend on the season, your location, and where you are moving to. These items can include:

  • Seasonal clothing
  • Extra sheets/bedding/towels/etc.
  • Physical media like DVDs, CDs and video games
  • Out of season items like sports and recreation equipment 
  • Most dishes excluding dailyware
  • Seasonal decorations

Assign Packing Priority to Items

Determine what items are essential to your daily life and what you can do without. After all your less-used items are put away, move on to the items that have lower priority in your life. An easy place to start is clothing. It’s likely that you won’t need access to your entire wardrobe when moving. After your seasonal clothing is packed, take a look at your wardrobe, there are likely items that you won’t wear until after your move is complete. During this step it is also important to know the things you shouldn’t pack when moving. 

Carry Out Your Packing Schedule

While a packing schedule is easy to make, you may face some challenges when carrying it out in a timely fashion. Carefully plan out when each room should be packed and stick to the schedule you’ve set for yourself. By creating and carrying out a packing schedule, you ensure that everything is packed in time and that you never pack anything that you will need.

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is dedicated to making the moving and storage experience simple and affordable for out customers. Our patented storage containers make moving and storage a breeze. Find your local UNITS center or call (855) 981-8648 to get started!

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