You may not be physically hitting the beach this summer, but there’s no reason why you can’t bring the beach to your own home. Nautical decor is one of the most searched-for home trends on Pinterest, and for good reason. It’s one of the best ways to convert your home into a relaxing retreat after a long day. If you’re looking for your home to channel those oceanfront vacay vibes, here are our top three tips for bringing the beach into your home:

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Go Bold or Go Home

Patterns and colors can automatically transform your home into a beach house (and they’re easy to change once summer is over). To achieve the beach house feel, keep your walls bright, but accent your fabrics with bold colors. Patterns like leafy monstera or navy stripes will ensure you set the tone for you nautical theme. Pair navy with bright yellow pillows for a more ship-like feel. For a more fun beach feeling, use bright red paired with an aqua or turquoise. Not sure what color theme to use? Choose a photo of your favorite beach location, and sample colors from the photo. That way, your decor will immediately bring your ideal vacation into your home. Not sure exactly how to do that? Upload your photo into this tool, and it’ll pick a color pallette for you!

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Let the Light In

Once you have your bold decor, it’s important to bring the outside in. After all, have you ever stayed in a beach house that didn’t feel like the outside was just as important as the living space? Switch out heavy curtains for sheers that let the natural light in. Or if you’re worried about people seeing inside, get simple white curtains. The bright panels on your walls will open up your space and help you feel like the air you’re breathing is as fresh and salty as the ocean breeze.

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Go All Natural

When you’re thinking about decorating your space other than curtains and fabrics, consider adding natural elements that are found at the coast. Incorporating sand, greenery, and nautical elements can transform a space immediately. And we’re not just talking about wooden anchors here. Use thick rope to hold your curtains back or hang photographs or place candles in a sand base in glass containers. The important thing is to use what you have, and just alter it a bit to make it feel a little more beachy. Natural elements can make a big difference in decor. Use artificial sea oats to create a marshy feel or simply purchase a set of starfish that you hide all over your living space. There’s no need to go overboard with the beach decor (figuratively, not literally). Simple, small elements can go a long way.

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