Man caves have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to create an in-house getaway for the males of the household (or “she sheds” for women). Creating a man-cave in your home is quite easy, as long as you have the extra space. Peruse our Man Cave Guide to learn how to effortlessly transform your extra room into a space that all the men in the neighborhood will be jealous of! 

Man Cave Essentials:

  • TV
  • Recliner / comfortable seating
  • Fully stocked mini fridge / bar
  • Games (can include a pool table, foosball table, darts or just popular board or video games)

Although these items make up a basic man cave, if you really want to take it to the next level, you’ll invest in some of the following touches.


Create a cool man cave atmosphere by thinking about your man’s personal style. Does he like a lot of leather? Or is he more into rustic wood? Stay consistent with your style choices just as you would with any other room in the house. 


Does your guy have a sports team or movie he’s obsessed with? The walls of the man cave are the perfect place to display such memorabilia (and get it out of the rest of the house). Consider other personal touches based on your man’s passions and hobbies (does he play sports? Display his sports equipment or trophies on the walls to marry function and flair!). 

Bonus: Get Crafty! 

For those of you who have a creative touch, consider turning old t-shirts or jerseys into fun throw pillows (see how here). Or, grab an old wooden pallet and turn it into a custom sign or coffee table if you’re an advanced crafter. 

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