Summer is just around the corner, which means soon there will be moving trucks and portable storage units all over the place–particularly if you live in a college town. While moving can be incredibly refreshing, it can also be a bit stressful. We hope that the stress will subside after we are done with the heavy lifting, but that’s not always the case. Particularly when renting a home or apartment, it is not uncommon to walk into a unit that suddenly looks much different than when you saw it in pictures online or in-person filled with someone else’s furniture. Read on for a few helpful hints to help you adjust quickly and feel at home quickly in your new space.

Security Check

moving and portable storage

Be sure to do a full walkthrough upon move-in. Check the locks on all the doors (hint: ensure none of them have automatic locks to avoid accidentally locking yourself out in the future) and make sure all of the windows lock and open for that matter. You’ll feel more at ease while laying in bed at night listening to those “new home” sounds.

Setup the Big Things First

moving and portable storage

This seems rather simple, but when you’re surrounded by boxes, it’s easy to get distracted by the little stuff! Suddenly hours later you look up only to feel defeated by the fact that no noticeable progress has been made. Start by throwing your sheets in the washer and setting up your bed frame and mattress. Move onto other large items such as laying down rugs, setting up the couch, coffee table, lamps, etc. You’ll have your basic layout determined by the time your sheets are done drying. Even if you’re exhausted and ready to crawl into bed, be sure to make it first! Making your bed has been proven to increase feelings of happiness.

Unpack Something Sentimental

moving and portable storage

Particularly if you’ve recently moved far from home, unpacking something that holds sentimental value to you will cause you to reminisce on happy memories as you unpack, thus dodging some of those feelings of stress.

Make New Memories

moving and portable storage

Even if your new space isn’t set up to perfection just yet, make sure you take time to enjoy it. Whether you take time to curl up on our couch and watch a movie or have a few friends over to put your new kitchen to the test, making new memories in your home will speed up the bonding process.

Now that you have tips and tricks to ease the moving process once in your new home, be sure to consider UNITS to help you get there!

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