Moving is easier than ever and with the global economy, people are more open to moving than ever before—for their careers, for their families and even just for fun. If you’re thinking about relocating to a new place, here are a few ways to see if the new place is the right fit for you.

1. Infrastructure

Infrastructure is very important to your happiness in a new place. How is traffic and your potential commute? Is there public transportation available or are you going to have to drive? Is there an incentive to carpool (like carpool lanes)? Does this city shutdown or bounce back quickly in inclement weather?

2. Education

How are the schools and local government? If you’d like a sense of community, are you going to be able to get involved on some level? Are schools rated well and do they possess any special needs your family requires?

3. Climate

Climate is a huge component for some folks. Some folks consider a warmer climate ideal, while others prefer cooler temperatures year-round. If you’re not ready to commit to a sweltering summer, don’t move to Charleston, SC. If you don’t love snow, stay out of Buffalo, NY. Climate can have a huge impact on your happiness and activity level throughout the year, so it’s something to take into account.

4. Opportunities

Even if you have a wonderful career now, there’s a chance you’ll want to make a career shift or will be forced to for external reasons. What are the opportunities like in your prospective location? Are you qualified for available jobs in the city’s most popular industries?

5. Entertainment

Do you love sports? Cultural activities like operas and symphonies? Do you prefer to stay active outdoors? No matter what your preferences, assessing the entertainment value of a city to which you’re potentially moving is imperative. Make sure you have a lot to do and can create your own kind of fun whenever the calendar is stagnant.

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