A home remodel is a great way to add long term space and increase the value of your home. When diving into the adventure of remodeling, a portable storage unit can play a key role in the organization and efficiency of the project. Here are three ways a portable storage unit can help with your remodel!


A portable storage unit is a great means to more space which is a hot commodity during a remodel! Not only will your contractor and their team need space to move around, you’ll also need to space as well which means just packing your items in other rooms of the house can quickly become overwhelming. Give everyone the needed space by placing your belongings in a portable storage unit.

Pro tip: don’t just place all of your items in the storage unit, organize them into different containers or boxes and label them accordingly. Then, when placing your items in the unit, place them according to what you’ll need first when the remodel is over with. For example, if you’re remodeling your kitchen you’ll want all of your silverware and dishware back in place as soon as the remodel is finished.

Your belongings are stored securely.

Though you never like to think that someone working on your home could end up stealing items, it’s still something to consider. With different employees entering and leaving your home during a remodel, it can become a bit of a mad house. By placing your items in a storage unit, you can rest easy knowing your items are secure.

Your belongings won’t get damaged.

A remodel means flying debris, paint, dust, and other items that could damage your belongings. By placing your belongings in a storage unit, you’ll not only be creating space, you’ll also be ensuring your belongings don’t end up destroyed and needing to be replaced.  

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