Think portable storage units are only useful for moving or extra home storage? Think again. From retail to event planners to construction, a portable storage container from UNITS can give your small business the extra space it needs to reach new levels of success without spending a fortune. Here are 5 ways any small business can make use of our portable storage units:

moving and portable storage

Stock extra inventory
If your retail store has an overflowing stock room, it might be time to get a portable storage unit. Keep seasonal or extra inventory safe and dry in a storage unit behind your building. Inventory is still easily accessible during the day, but won’t be in the way in the store. Now that packed back area can be transformed into a break room for your workers.

moving and portable storage

Separate workshop space
Sometimes a garage or loading bay doesn’t make the most practical space to keep a woodworking, welding or metal fabrication workshop. Keep the noise and mess of a workshop from overflowing into office space or taking up your entire garage. Mechanics can also use portable storage containers for smaller repair jobs or side projects.

moving and portable storage

Store bulky equipment
Portable storage units can be lifesavers for lawn maintenance and construction companies. Safely store lawn equipment close to home, but without taking up valuable garage or shed space. Have a portable storage unit placed on site during construction so tools can be kept secure when the work day is over.

moving and portable storage

Expand home office space
When you work from home, it can be difficult to keep your professional and personal life separated. With a portable storage unit, you can store the furniture from the guest-bedroom-turned-office safely out of the way or keep extra business supplies out of your living area. (Image credit to Desky).moving and portable storage

Keep extra files organized
Any small business owner knows that mountains of paperwork are just par for course when running a company. However, not every office has room for rows of file cabinets or stacks of paper filled boxes. Organize and maintain your business records and files in a portable storage unit and keep office space free for your employees to work.

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