Go Neutral

While the cucumber green kitchen walls made you feel refreshed each morning, it may not be every buyer’s taste. When staging your home for an Open House or just putting it on the market, use neutral paints to let buyers envision themselves in the space.

Remove Very Personal Items

Everyone loves those black and white photos of your babies—except strangers. They want to be able to envision themselves in the house, and your big family portraits and kids’ art may inhibit them from doing so. The less judging they have to do, the better. Streamline their sight lines by removing your personal belongings.

Create More Space

Buyers want to know that the house has storage space. That means they’re going to open closets and cabinets. Ignoring these spaces is a mistake. Be sure to declutter each room and all these forgotten places so that buyers see where they can put their belongings.

Go Green

Adding houseplants and fresh flowers really make a space pop and seem more polished. Light a few candles (that are not overwhelming scents) to make the home seem more inviting and “homey” to potential buyers. You want them to feel comfortable.

Lighten Up

Be sure that your home is well-lit when being visited by potential buyers. Leave lights on in stairwells, hallways and powder rooms (where light is generally scarce). Be sure to open all blinds and tie back curtains to let in natural light. Darkness will inhibit the buyer from seeing the potential of the space.

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