Likely, this spring you’ve already begun donating old clothes, tossing out unneeded items, dusting down your furniture or deep cleaning your bathrooms. But, there are many areas in your home that often get looked over and forgotten about.

Here are some areas in your home you need to add to your spring cleaning list:

Behind the fridge

The space behind your fridge collects dust, hair, crumbs and other debris throughout the year. Giving this area a good cleaning can get rid of unwanted kitchen smells and will be good for your family’s overall health as dust and moldy food can often lead to allergies.

Garbage Disposal

Not only can the debris behind the fridge make the kitchen smell, the garbage disposal can as well. Throwing some orange peels or lemon peels into the garbage disposal alongside some vinegar is a great way to clean the disposal and decrease foul odors.


Sure, you kitchen may be spotless, but have you looked inside your oven? A deep clean of your oven can prevent kitchen fires and will help your oven function longer.

Coffee Maker

Even though you regularly clean your coffee pot, your coffee maker likely plays host to a plethora of bacteria and in some cases, even mold. To thoroughly clean your coffee maker you’ll not only want to wipe down the outside, inside the coffee maker as well, being sure to get all of the coffee makers small nooks and crannies.

Pro tip: clean a regular coffee maker by running hot, soapy water through the machine while pod based coffee makers are best cleaned by running vinegar through the machine.

Mattress & Pillows

Our mattresses and pillows get a lot of love during the year, but aren’t often adding to the spring cleaning list like their sheets and pillow case counterparts are. Take some time to vacuum your mattress thoroughly, then sprinkle baking soda over the top of it and repeat the vacuuming process. For pillows, running them through a cycle in the washing machine and dryer will suffice.

After you’ve swept through your home and gave it a deep spring cleaning, consider using UNITS portable storage to clear up space in your home and make all of your spring cleaning hard work even more visible!

Staying organized is the key to minimizing stress during any move. Plan ahead, keep track of what you do and where you put things, and your move will go much more smoothly!  

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