The holidays are a notoriously hectic time of year- there’s shopping to be done, decorations to be put up, and chores to be tackled. Combine that with the stresses of moving and it can seem like a recipe for disaster. Luckily, with some planning and organization, you can avoid the chaos of a holiday move. Here are some tips that will help:

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Start Packing Early

While you should pack early for every move, it is especially important that you start packing early for a holiday move. The holidays are full of events and festivities that can take away from your packing time. Get a head start so you can ensure you have ample time to organize and pack all your belongings. Just make sure to only pack items that you won’t have a use for until you’ve settled into your new home.

Minimize Your Decorations

While everyone loves to see their home beautifully decorated, holiday decorations only lead to more time and work when moving. Instead of breaking out all the ornaments and lights just to put them away days later, it will be much easier on your move if you cut down on your decorations instead. If decorating is a must, try a laser light projector to light up the exterior of your home.

Keep Gifts Minimum

Gifts are an essential part of the holidays. However, when you are moving, gifts become extra items to pack and move. Instead of gifting multiple, less expensive gifts, it would be more convenient to gift a single, more expensive item. Alternatively, you can wait until after your move to unwrap your gifts – but what’s the fun in that?

Take Time to Enjoy Holiday Festivities

While it’s important to keep up with your moving duties, you shouldn’t sacrifice important time with your friends and family. Make sure you set aside enough time to enjoy holiday festivities by planning your move around your holidays instead of the other way around.

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