Whether you’re moving into a brand new space together or moving one person into another’s space, it can be tricky to navigate around feelings and egos and figure out what’s worth keeping and what needs to go. Here are a few tips for preventing hurt feelings to ensure a smooth transition into the next phase of your life!

Be Up Front

Before you start moving, commit to being open and honest with your new housemate. Be mindful and respectful of their feelings and make a promise to each other to use minimal criticism. Remember to stop thinking of everything as “theirs” and “mine” and start thinking of the space (and everything in it) as “ours.”

Compromise Is Key

On your own, take stock of all of your belongings and figure out what you’re willing to part with and what you absolutely couldn't stand to get rid of. Your future housemate should go through the same process. Keep your new space in mind, and keep asking yourself “will this fit with the theme we’re trying to portray in our new place?”

Downsize Duplicates

Odds are good that you and your future housemate will have a lot of duplicate items—mattresses, couches, furniture, measuring cups…the list goes on. Of every duplicate item, be equally critical of your belongings as well as the other person’s. Ask yourself “which couch is more comfortable? Whose knives are sharpest?

Sell What You’re Getting Rid Of

Coordinate a group yard sale of the items you’re downsizing and use the money you make to purchase belongings for your new space. This will give both of you more incentive to get rid of things to try and build a more cohesive space together!

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