If you’ve ever moved in the past, it’s likely that you are aware of the importance of packing materials. The right packing supplies keep your belongings protected and organized during a move. If you are planning for your next move, here are some essential packing supplies to stock up on:

At UNITS Moving and Portable Storage, we are dedicated to making the moving and storage experience easy for our customers. That’s why we provide tips and tricks to help you simplify your move. To get a free quote on your UNITS container today call (855) 981-8648. Read on to find out the essential packing supplies for every move.

Strong and Sturdy Boxes

Having boxes that will stand up to the wear and tear of moving around is crucial for keeping your valuables protected during the moving process. For the best results, opt for sturdier double-walled cardboard boxes, plastic moving boxes, or wooden crates for extra protection.

Protective Cushioning 

Without cushioning, your belongs can bounce around and get damaged. Protect them with the right cushioning materials, bubble wrap and blankets are your best friends and can be used to protect various different items. Soft packing paper, moving mats, furniture pads and protective cushioning can essential to protecting just about anything.

Quality Packing Tape

No matter how strong your boxes are, they can’t keep your belongings contained without strong, quality packing tape. High-quality packing tape is essential for keeping your boxes sealed and your belongings contained.

UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is dedicated to making the moving and storage experience simple and affordable for our customers. Our patented storage containers make moving and storage a breeze. Find your local UNITS center or call (855) 981-8648 to get started!

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