Inevitably, you’ve likely made some great New Year’s resolutions to help improve yourself, but why stop there? With these easy home improvements to make in 2017, you’ll see a significant improvement in your home’s value and feel better about your house!

Create more space.

Creating additional space in your home will not only improve the aesthetics of each of home, but is also a quick and easy first step that can help you kickstart the entire home improvement process.

To create space, first decide items that can be donated or thrown away and others that you want to keep, but not fit in your current home. Those items that you don’t need, but you just can’t bring yourself to get rid of, can easily be stored in a portable storage unit.

Repaint your cabinetry.

Have you noticed your bathroom or kitchen cabinets have chipped or perhaps they are simply outdated? No need to rip them out and pay thousands of dollars for new cabinetry. You can easily improve the aesthetics of your cabinets with a little paint.

Here’s what you’ll need for the project:

– Sandpaper to smooth out the cabinets and remove the first layer of paint

– A wide paint brush as well as a small tapered paintbrush to get into any detailed areas of the cabinets

– An oil based paint (oil based paints dry harder and are therefore more durable)

Change out your hardware.

Once you’ve painted your cabinets, why not add updated hardware? Colored knobs or unique handles can do wonders for the way your kitchen or bathroom looks. You can usually find knobs at your local craft or home improvement store, but to find some really unique knobs check out your local flea market!

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Redo your landscaping.

Landscaping is one of the first things a person will notice about your home. You can quickly add some color to the outside of your home with bright colored flowers and freshly pruned greenery!

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Update your front entry.

How about adding fresh paint to your entry frame? What about a brand new door handle or a whole new door all together?

Alongside your landscaping, your entryway is also one of the first thing a person notices about your home. So, when it comes to resell value spicing up this area with fresh paint or an expensive looking door can really help a potential buyer see worth in your home even before stepping foot inside.

Replace your windows.

Replacing your windows may not be on the same level of easy as painting your cabinets or adding new landscaping, but it can still at value to your home especially when it comes to potential buyers. After all, who wants to look out into their potential backyard through layers of grime and dirt? But, unless you’re highly experienced in replacing windows, you’ll likely need to hire a professional. However, this is a fraction of the cost of a major kitchen renovation or a bathroom remodel.

Update your patio or deck.

Loose wood or chipped paint on your deck? That’s an easy fix that can improve the look of your backyard tremendously! If you’re eager to change the look of your backyard completely, replace your deck entirely. Adding different dimensions, new railings and built in seats can make for a great update.

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Replace your light fixtures.

Light fixtures can quickly become outdated, but this is another easy fix. You can add some of your personality to your home by picking out different light fixtures for each of the rooms in the house.

Pro tip: In your kitchen, add new ambient lighting as well as accent lighting underneath your cabinets or above your cabinets. The accent lighting will highlight architectural features in your kitchen!

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Repaint the living room.

Dark walls, small dings, smudges and chips make cover many people’s living rooms. After all, it’s the place you enjoy family time and make lasting memories so it’s well loved! But, spackling over dings, adding some light paint and redoing the molding have lasting impacts.

By implementing some of these easy home improvements, you can ensure 2017 will be a brand new year full of new starts and great changes!

What home improvements will you be making in 2017?

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