Just because you have kids now, doesn’t mean you still can’t have an impeccably designed home! You just have to take into account a number of different factors—how attached are you to breakable items, for example—before you get started.

These are the best tips we have for infusing function and design into a kid-friendly environment.

Don’t Shoot for a Fairy Tale

The only place where you’re 100% guaranteed to not have any accidents or breakage happen is in a fairy tale. Be aware that “oopsies” are bound to happen at some point or another. Be prepared by investing in stain removers, wood stain pens, and having the carpet cleaner’s number easily within reach. Be aware of how you live and opt for design that fits your family’s lifestyle, rather than trying to live in a picture out of a magazine.

Embrace Bright Colors & Patterns

Having kids is a great excuse to experiment with bright colors and patterns. Rather than choosing furniture that is all white (an accident waiting to happen), go for a brighter pattern where wear & tear will be less noticeable. Help your furniture help you in the long run.

Opt For Durable Materials

Continuing on that theme, you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache down the road by choosing fabrics, wood, and other materials that are more durable and easier to clean. Rather than matte paint, opt for semi-gloss, which is much easier to clean.

Accessorize Out of Reach of Little Arms

Have a piece that you really want to display, but don’t want to risk getting broken? Display it in an area that is out of your child’s reach, so that they are much less likely to come into contact with it. Save all of your bigger, splashier design pieces for higher up on walls so that they will last longer unscathed.

Designate Kid-Only Spaces

If you give your child a place to play that’s all their own, they’re much less likely to come into the adult’s space and wreak havoc. Consider giving them a playroom which they are allowed to have complete reign over. Or give them play area’s within the adult spaces so that they can confine their playtime to specific areas.

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