Summer is over and college is officially back in session! You’ve moved all your stuff into the dorm and have officially started living on your own (or at least without your parents), so you want to celebrate your new freedom by making your dorm room feel more unique to your personal style.

Take your dorm from drab to fab with our easy (and cheap) dorm room decorating tips!

Get Thrifty

Scour your local thrift stores or Dollar Stores (or even the dollar bins at popular big box stores like Walmart and Target) for fun decorating elements or storage devices that you can use to add more personal touches to your space.

Live Big in a Small Space

Although many people hate having to climb into a lofted bed, getting your bed lofted actually increases the amount of space you have in your room. Turn the area under your bed into a lounge, complete with a beanbag, mini fridge, and other fun little elements. Or, if your roommate is willing to bunk your beds together, then you have a whole side of the room that’s freed up for activities!

Make Good Use of Removable Hooks

Invest in some removable and damage-free hooks and stickers to hang artwork, Christmas lights that you snagged from your parents, dry erase boards, corkboards, or any other elements that you can put on the walls.

Find Wall Stickers

You can shop for inspirational quotes, design elements, and even picture frames that stick directly to the wall (and are removable for when you move out at the end of the year). You can even find a number of places online that will do custom wall art stickers so you can really put your own spin on it!

Express Yourself

Everything from your sheets to throw pillows to even your notebooks can be used for self-expression. Find items that really speak to you and surround yourself with them.

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