Moving is an exciting time for the family, which includes your beloved pup who will be eager to enjoy your new backyard! But, did you know many backyards aren’t dog ready? These tips can help you create the ultimate backyard escape for your dog.

Check the existing fence or install a fence if one isn’t already there.

If there is already a fence at your new home, be sure to check all areas of it to make sure no boards are loose and there are no holes in it.

If you need to install a fence, make sure it has no pointy edges and doesn’t splinter. If your dog is a jumper, you’ll also want to make sure it’s high enough that he/she can’t jump over it.

Check the plants.

Make sure yard isn’t filled with plants that can make your dog sick if he/she eats them. If your backyard is pretty bare in the flower department and you’re looking to fill it with some fresh buds, just check with your local nursery to see which flowers are okay to plant.

Don’t spray.

You may be tempted to spray pesticides, weed killer or fertilizer, but don’t do this immediately. Instead, take some time to review all of your sprays. Are they pet-friendly? Each bottle should specify this and if they don’t, ere on the side of caution and assume it’s not pet friendly.

If you find yourself, with a bunch of sprays that aren’t pet friendly, you can easily pick up some new pet friendly ones at your local nursery or home goods store.

Make sure there’s shade.

Your dog will need plenty of shade during those hot summer days. Small trees can be bought at your local nursery that can be planted in the corner of the yard or having a patio table with an umbrella that is always up can work as well.

We know your dog is like a member of the family and a quick scan of your new backyard can help you figure out the steps you need to keep them safe!

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