With the holiday season behind us, you’ve probably found yourself staring at the cluttered mess within your home. But don’t worry, you don’t need Santa’s magic to reorganize! 

Here are some tips to declutter your home in the new year. 

Go Room by Room
Start early and go room, by room. There’s no need to overwhelm yourself by trying to declutter everything all at once. You’ll only tire yourself and end up not finishing the job. Instead, start in the most cluttered room and work your way from there. Is your bedroom slam packed with unnecessary items? Start there first. Is your kitchen the next most cluttered room? Move on to that after. The key is to declutter in an organized, methodical fashion.

Fill Gift Boxes
Did you use a lot of gift boxes for presents? Now that the gifts have been received and enjoyed, fill the empty boxes with old items you don’t use anymore like toys, clothes and shoes. Then, drop the boxes off at a donation center.

moving and portable storage

Get One Gift, Toss Two Old Gifts
Did Santa leave a lot of gifts under the tree last month? That’s great! But, what about those gifts from previous years that you just don’t use anymore? Follow the simple rule: get one gift, toss two old gifts. If the old gifts are still in great condition, think about adding them to the gift boxes you’ll be taking to a donation center.

Get a Portable Storage Unit
If you find that you’re just not ready to let go of a good bit of items, consider getting a portable storage unit. It’s a great way to empty your house of the currently unnecessary items, while still being able to keep them for future use. 

moving and portable storage

It’s always great to start the New Year with a fresh slate and decluttering your house is a great place to begin. 

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