Downsizing or moving into a space that has less storage capability than your current space requires that you get creative with your storage solutions in order to maximize your belongings and keep things from getting cluttered or disorganized. Here are tips for maximizing your storage potential.

Go Vertical

Walls aren’t just for hanging pictures! Add shelving where you would normally place artwork (or incorporate them together for a unique decorative flourish) so that you can store items you can’t find room for elsewhere. If it will be open shelving, consider choosing your most eye-catching pieces, like elegant glassware, small picture frames, or vases.

Invest in Storage Furniture

Many furniture items are made to be dual purpose: a coffee table can also have storage underneath, an ottoman can be hollow so that you can store blankets inside, your TV stand can store all of your electronic equipment… the possibilities are endless! You can also think outside of the box and use what furniture you already have for another purpose. For example, you can repurpose an old bookshelf to be a pantry if your kitchen is lacking. Or put it in the garage to hold tools or paper products.

Go Over and Under

Many companies make products that are specifically designed to hang behind your door or slip under your bed. Consider purchasing an over-the-door shoe organizer to clear up space in your closet. Or find a plastic bin to go under your bed to store seasonal items or things you don’t use as much. Wherever you have blank space, think to yourself “how can I make this space have a purpose?” If you need inspiration, Google and Pinterest are great places to look!

Get Hardcore with Hardware

Instead of cluttering up your counter with things like hair dryers, jewelry, scarves, or pots & pans, consider installing hooks on your walls to let them hang instead. If you don’t want to put holes in the walls using screws or nails, there are plenty of temporary removable options that are durable for you to use.

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