There are a lot of big, important things to remember on moving day. Do you have enough boxes? How long will it take to get everything into the truck? Did you wrap the china in enough plastic to keep it from breaking? But it’s important to remember that moving day is just the first step in your move. You still have to physically move yourself to your new location, whether that be across the country or just down the street.

Here’s what you should pack in your “moving day essentials kit” to make your car ride easy and stress-free:

Important Documents
Things that are too valuable to leave in the moving truck include birth certificates, sensitive information, bank records, information about hotel reservations or other plans you’ve made for you move. You want to be able to have easy access to these records in case of any emergencies or to reference if you have any questions.

Clothing & Toiletries
Just like you were packing to go on vacation, pack enough changes of clothes and toiletries to tide you over until you get to your new home. Take a look at the weather forecast on your route to make sure you have everything you might need, like umbrellas, jackets, or other weather-related essentials.

Moving day is stressful enough without adding hanger (hungry anger) to the mix! Pack some high energy snacks like granola bars and mixed nuts, as well as bottles of water and any caffeinated beverages you enjoy to give you an energy boost if you need it.

Emergency Supplies
The more you prepare for any situation, the less stress you’ll experience. Be sure to pack a first aid kid, flashlight, emergency medications, emergency cash, scissors, paper towels, and any other hard-to-find items you might end up needing during your move, especially if you plan on going straight to your new home.

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